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Wildlife & Bird

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Bird Feeders

We carry a wide variety of bird feeders and accessories from brands like Droll Yankee and Woodlink.

Bird Houses

See our selection of bird houses for birds such as Bluebirds, Wrens, Owls, Wood Ducks and Purple Martins.

Bird Food

Johnson's is your place to find all kinds of bird food.  From suet cakes to peanuts to large bags of seed, we have all the feed you need.

We provide a range of superior quality wild bird food and bird feeders. We also have beautiful birdhouses available to attract a variety of species. 

Green Hummingbird
Image by Mark Teachey

Not only are we well stocked with feeders, houses, and seeds, we also have things like ant guards, Hummingbird nectar, cleaning brushes, ant moats, bee guards, and deicers.

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