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Johnson's Seed & Feed's lawn care principles promote the best management practices to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn.  We carry grass seed especially blended for the Eastern Shore to make sure you are using the correct product. 


Not only do we know grass seed, but we know fertilizers, crabgrass preventers, and more.  We also can provide a free estimate for landscape and mulching services.

Jobsite Delivery


Take advantage of Johnson's Seed & Feed's reliable delivery. Our staff will bring your order straight to your home or business.  Items that can be delivered are:

Bulk Mulch, top soil and compost (3 cubic yard minimum and a delivery fee starting at $35, please call for exact pricing).

We carry 3 different brands of wood pellets with a 1 ton minimum for delivery (fee starting at $35, please call for exact pricing).



To keep it simple, hydroseeding is a high-quality, inexpensive way to seed.  It causes fast germination which stops erosion.  It's usually used on large areas or slopes where it is difficult to plant.  The process involves grass seed, water, fertilizer, mulch, and a bonding agent that are combined in a large tank to create a loose slurry. The mixture is then sprayed directly onto the soil through a discharge nozzle.


Give us a call today for a quote for commercial hydroseeding.



Erosion and sediment control temporarily protect water resources from sediment pollution and increases in runoff connected with active land development and redevelopment activities.  By retaining soil on-site, sediment and attached nutrients are hindered from leaving unsettled areas and polluting streams. 


Contact us for a quote or for the products we carry.

Our Services

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